Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming the most popular method of conserving energy, and maintaining comfort within a home. The foam conforms to the curves and corners of any structure, and creates a thermal envelope that acts as an air barrier. This can save a homeowner up to 40% on heating and cooling bills! In addition, it strengthens the walls and roof of a structure, increasing its overall lifetime while providing exceptional protection against dust, pollutants and allergens.

Moisture can destroy a home, causing mold or mildew that is tough and expensive to get rid of. Spray foam insulation acts as an effective vapour barrier, boosting the lifetime of your home and protecting against the growth of mold. It also reduces noise pollution, making it ideal for homes in busier neighbourhoods, and for walls between rooms.

Spray foam insulation is also an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional methods like fiberglass batting. It’s an energy-efficient, non-toxic substance that never needs to be replaced and thrown away, and it has zero-impact on the ozone layer. It can be used to retrofit existing building and roofs, increasing their life expectancy and decreasing waste products, as well as in new residential and commercial structures. Insulating with spray foam means you’ll be saving money on heating bills while saving the environment.

Application of spray foam insulation is a quick, easy process when done by a trained and certified professional. At Complete Spray Foam, we bring over 40 years of experience in the construction and home renovation industry to your building project. Contact us today, and receive the Complete Experience you deserve.